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  • 1968

    Commencement from home industry

  • 1978

    Moved to new location at JL. Raya Bekasi KM.23, Cakung, East Jakarta

  • 1979

    PT Cipta Saksama Indonesia establishment as a limited company

  • 1981

    Supply to Astra Daihatsu Motor

  • 1982

    Supply to Suzuki Indomobil Motor

  • 1983

    Supply to General Motor Indonesia Manufacturing (PT Garmak Motor- Chevrolet)

  • 1985

    Supply to Astra Multi Trucks Indonesia (PT United Imer Motor- UD Trucks)

  • 1986

    Supply to National Motors Company (Mazda & Hino)

  • 1988

    Supply to Honda Prospect Motor (PT Imora Motor Inc.)

  • 1989

    Supply to Tjahja Sakti Motor (BMW) Indonesian Republic Motor Company (Ford) Federal Mobil (Fiat)

  • 1990

    Supply to Nissan Motor Indonesia (PT Wahana Wirawan) German Motor Manufacturing (Mercedes Benz)

  • 1991

    Supply to Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (Mitsubishi) Export to Land Rover Jeep for Oman’s replacement market

  • 1993

    Supply to Isuzu Astra Manufacturing Indonesia (PT Pantja Motor)

  • 1994

    Export to Japan’s replacement market

  • 1995

    Supply to Hyundai Indonesia Motors (PT Citra Mobil Nasional) General Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (Opel)

  • 1997

    Supply to PT Multi France Motor (Peugeot)

  • 1999

    Export to Pak Suzuki Pakistan

  • 2000

    Export to Australia’s replacement market

  • 2004

    Supply to Kia Motors Indonesia

  • 2010

    Supply to Hitachi Construction Machinery Indonesia Export to Proton Malaysia

  • 2012

    Export to GM Brasil

  • 2013

    Export to GM Argentina


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