Commitment Integrity Passion Teamwork Awareness

Corporate Culture

PT Cipta Saksama Indonesia always holds on to the company principle of C-I-P-T-A for all activities company.


* Commitment

Perform the best to achieve company’s target, which is Customer Satisfaction as our main priority to achieve the accomplishment of the Quality, Price, and Punctuality in Time through discipline, efficiency, hard working with satisfaction.


* Integrity

Build up the excellence in each activity wisely, with stability, and sincerely to generate high productivity and competitive price. 


* Passion

Each section in organization is structured and well functioned, enthusiast to learn for future improvement.


* Teamwork

A synergy and excellent teamwork throughout a well-managed duty delegation and human resource, founded on the bond of collective, care, and respect each other in solving every challenge.


* Awareness

Sense of belonging and awareness to generate wellbeing, reflected through training and self-improvement. Systematic in the implementation and continuously achieve the value of humanity with responsible manner.